If You Need Trigger Point Therapy, You Need Our Therapists

Trigger point therapy is carried out by placing the hands lightly near or on the body of the patient. The healing energy flows from the body of the therapist, through their hands and into the patient. Then, you’ll experience a lot of sensations, including mental clarity, a sense of overall well being, decreased anxiety, pain relief, and relaxation. Recent studies have shown this is because of the activity of parasympathetic autonomic nervous system increasing significantly. Below are the 3 reasons you must visit Relax Studio Massage for your regular massage appointment. We have been serving clients in San Diego, CA.

Fosters harmony & balance

Reiki is an effective way of restoring your body’s balance on levels like the physical, emotional, and mental, so that your body functions in complete harmony. When your body works harmoniously, it improves its natural healing abilities which strengthen the overall wellness and health. For babies, Reiki energy work can be advantageous. It contributes to the baby’s sound development and growth. It can directly target the root cause of the problem and address it instead of just easing the symptoms.

Helps with rejuvenation

It can be an incredibly relaxing and peaceful experience, leaving you rejuvenated. For busy people, they can try Reiki for anxiety because it can inspire them to release all the negative feelings, anxiety, or stress to accomplish a state of well-being, health, and peace.

Dissolves energy blocks

Trigger point therapy activates the awareness in which you may become conscious about the problems that might seem to be robbing all your joy and peace. It helps get rid of the energy blocks in the form of self-deprecating feelings or negative thoughts to bring peace of mind. One gets trained to listen to their mind and body as well as take an appropriate decision for its health. Being aware of your needs can help in finding inner knowledge and wisdom that can help you deal with everyday stress in a better way.

If you need our Trigger point therapy programs in San Diego, CA, you can call Relax Studio Massage at (760) 637-4134 for more information on our products and services.