We Offer Life Coaching and Massage Therapies

Massage therapy has been growing & changing in recent years. More and more people are realizing that massage could have a wide range of benefits. Depending on what you need, a massage can help ease pain, improve your posture, reduce your stress, and relax your muscles. Below are the reasons people opt to get a massage from our life coaching experts.

Eases anxiety & stress

In this modern age, there seem to be more stressors than ever before. Finding the time from your busy schedule to visit Relax Studio Massage in San Diego, CA or simply sign up for a chair massage at the mall helps reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling.

Eases lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint among many people, especially as they grow old. When serious enough, this type of pain can result in disability or missed work. It can be effective in decreasing pain in your lower back and the disability associated with it.

Minimize physical pain

While lower back pain is common, pain in other areas can also be eased with massage therapy. Other common areas where clients seek relief from pain are the neck, knees, hip joints, shoulders, and other areas of the body. There are many causes for pain and our life coaching specialists are trained to help you with pain caused by a wide range of conditions that include osteoarthritis, trauma, injury, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, cancer, myalgia, and headache.

Lessen muscle tension

From the highest-paid athletes to those who follow simpler workout programs, people who exercise can benefit from massage. Massage, specifically a special sports massage, helps with conditioning, the range of motion, and flexibility. It also helps speed up recovery from any kind of muscle injuries.

If you need the assistance of our life coaching specialists in San Diego, CA, you can call Relax Studio Massage at (760) 637-4134 for more information about our services.